Talashi (in progress since 2018)


A film by Alexis Cordesse
Documentary | 2019 | 5’30 | 16:9 | STEREO
Editing : Saskia Berthod I Texts : Alexis Cordesse I Voice : Éric Génovèse (La Comédie française) I VO : French – subtitles : English
© Alexis Cordesse


Talashi gathers a selection of personal photographs collected from Syrians I met in France, Germany and Turkey, and texts I wrote about the story of these images and those who entrusted them to me. These images are in stark contrast to those that have invaded our screens in an uninterrupted flow since the beginning of the conflict and paradoxically rendered the Syrian tragedy invisible. At the crossroads of intimacy and History, the narrative let us imagine with empathie lives of ordinary people turned upside down by extraordinary events. Talashi invites to reflect on the role of photography in the face of the violence of the world, a world submerged in images.


・Grant for documentary photography 2019, Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP), FR

Festivals selections
・Arles Photo Festival 2019, FR