La Bruja (1999-2001)


“(…) The photo is taken here, in a remote cuban village, but she could come moreover, of Africa or Oceania, as both cousins, Lurdes and Reina, under the blossoming tree. She shows us the naked man and ties him around the powerful light which he carries. From the Inhabitants of la Bruja, she makes archetypes of a time which passes and does not pass, of it distant internal about which spoke Henri Michaux. She reveals the earth which tans flesh and digs the looks. It is the opposite of an exemplary photo, a photo of current events, of the photo which passes. The inhabitants of la Bruja have no honor doubtful to be current nor ironed by the omnipresence and the indiscretion blasé about the other people’s opinion: they are simply there. (…) “

Philippe Lançon, in La Bruja, fixes tropiques, 2001

La Bruja-23
Carlito Calderón Alvarez on his way to the heights.
La Bruja-1
Maria-Lurdes Sanchez Ojeda (left) and her cousine Reina "Yeya" Ravello Ramóz
La Bruja-2
Teofilo Isa Batista, the "mute"
La Bruja-6
Angelina "Lela" Ravel Molina
La Bruja-3
Félix "René" Santiesteban Calderón
La Bruja-17
Vicenta's house
La Bruja-4
Yarima Jardín Nuñez
La Bruja-16
Tita and her grand father Gerbasio Lien Alvarez
La Bruja-5
Emilió Suares Gomez and his fighting cock
La Bruja-7
Rojelio Santiesteban Berdecia and Noelvis Aria Hernandez
La Bruja-8
Ortensia "Chiro" Calderón Alvarez and her daughter Yairma
La Bruja-9
Yudiel Hernandez Jardín
La Bruja-10
Isunaidi Risel Calderón
La Bruja-11
The four Lien Ribaflecha brothers, from left to right: Roberto, Celestino, Antonio and Lorenzo.
La Bruja-12
Twin sisters Araelis and Aradelbis
La Bruja-13
Inès Molina Ramóz
La Bruja-14
Maria Theresa Lien Ribaflecha
La Bruja-15
Picture of Atilina Sanchez Santiesteban, who passed away in 1990.
Geini Fonseca Calderón
La Bruja-26
Jorgelis "Tio" Hernandez Ravelo
La Bruja-18
Nancy Calderón Benitez and her step brother Carlito Calderón Alvarez
La Bruja-19
Olivia Benité Santiesteban and her daughter Mirtá
La Bruja-21
Martire Molina Santiesteban harvesting beans
La Bruja-20
Coffee beans drying
Alexis Molinas Nuñes
La Bruja-24
Yudiel Hernandez Jardín
La Bruja-27
Sixta Esteris Ramires
Oscarin "Amarillo" Ravel Molinas
La Bruja-22
Marileidis Alcantara Calderón