Confession (2004)

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In Rwanda, ten years after the genocide, more and more confessions were being obtained in prisons, with the incentives of sentence reduction and conditional release. In March 2004, in the province of Kibuye, I interviewed and photographed Rwandans, both male and female, who had confessed to their participation in the genocide. Some were on conditional release and others were still being detained. Most of them were still waiting for their trial.

Between April and June 1994, between 800.000 and 1.000.000 people were killed across the country by soldiers and militiamen, with the help of a section of the civilian population. According to the Rwandan justice, 800.000 people (roughly 10% of Rwanda’s population in 1994) were condemned to have directly taken part in the murders or in the sexual violence during the genocide.


・Nicéphore Niépce Museum, Chalon s/s Saône, FR
・National Found for Contemporary Art, FR