« You should climb Mt. Olympus » suggested me a Greek friend as I was in Thessaloniki, in November 2015. I had come to Greece on a long standing project on landscape, but the weather made my original plan unfeasible. So this new project took its place. This chance discovery turned into a poetic promess.

Three times I made the ascent of the mountain whose geographic reality I knew nothing about. Each time, nature’s presence, my presence within nature, the thickness of the rocks, the altitude and the cold progressively altered my states of consciousness. Each time, I began to fuse with the elements.

Images came out of this experience. Just like dreamlike minks, they are often enigmatic and opened to multiple interpretations. Beyond any documentary logic, I combined them with other images taken during the same periode, a photograph of my daughter in London, and others as well that made their necessity felt in order to establishe a game of secret echoes.

The Greek crisis, the immigration crisis, the attacks at Charlie Hebdo, and then the second wave of attacks. During the year 2015, I took no photographs of those events. Olympus was a counterpoint, an unexpected way of responding to the tragedy of history by its reverse angle. Scaling Mt. Olympus was not an escape, but an act of freedom.