Born in 1971 / French / lives and works in Paris, France.
Represented in Paris by LES DOUCHES LA GALERIE




At the age of 20, Alexis travelled to Iraq where he took his first photographs, which were published in the UK in The Independent Magazine. He carried on working for the press for several years as a photo-reporter, in France and abroad (Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, etc). His work on Somalia led to his first exhibition, in 1992, at the Visa pour l’Image festival in Perpignan, France. In 1995, he was selected to participate to the first World Press Masterclass.

In the late 90's, in search of new forms, he went away from the practice of photojournalism and return to such places as Rwanda or Palestine with other plastic requirements. He started using new medias and supports, as the cinema or the installation and created a new distance and a new duration, without establishing the one or the other one in aesthetic standard. His artistic research feeds on a critical reflection on the responsibility of the images and the ethics of the testimony.

Among other, he composed a trilogy about the genocide against the Tutsi that occurred in Rwanda: Itsembatsemba (1996), Confession (2004), Absences (2013).

His work has been shown at the Dokumenta XI (Kassel, 2002), at the ICP (New York, 2003), during the Month of Photography (Paris, 2010). It is also held in many permanent collections, including the French National Library, the French National Art Collection of Contemporary Art, the Nicephore Niepce Museum, the Neuflize Vie collection. He was awarded Lucien & Rodolf Herve Prize in 2010 and Arcimboldo Prize in 2011.


2017     Olympe, Maison des arts de Malakoff, France

2014     Rwanda, wounded vision, Kazerne Dossin museum, Mechelen, Belgium
             Border lines, Centre Atlantique de la Photographie, Brest, France
             Rwanda, Les Douches Gallery, Paris
             Confession / Absences, Ikono Gallery, Brussells, Belgium
             Rwanda, wounded vision, Armenian heritage center, Valence, France

2013     Border lines, Khalil al Sakakini cultural center, Ramallah, Palestine

             Public Pool, Confluence Gallery, Nantes, France

2012     Border lines, French Instituts, Jerusalem, Gaza, Ramallah, Naplouse, Palestinians Territories.

             Border lines, Artothèque de Caen, France.

2011     Border lines, Galerie Photo 12, Paris, France.

2010     Border lines, Ecole speciale d'Architecture, Month of Photography, Paris, France.

2007     Rencontres photographiques, artist in residence, Saumur, France.

2006     Good Work!, Atlantic Center of Photography, Brest, France.

             Good Work!, Agora Theater, Evry, France.

2005     Good Work!, Ancienne Poste Gallery, Calais, France.

             Good Work!, La Manufacture, Nancy, France.

2004    Public Pool, La Peripherie Gallery, Malakoff, France.

             Aux Quatre Chemins, Elsa Triolet Library, Pantin, France.

2003     La Bruja, Nikon Images House Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland.

1994     Patricia, World day against AIDES, Trocadéro, Paris, France.

1993     Laurent, World day against AIDES, Saint-Eustache Church, Paris, France.

1992     Somalia, Festival Visa pour l’image, Perpignan, France.



2017     A palestinian museum, Institut of the arabic world, Paris.

2015     The eye of the expert, Nicéphore Niépce museum, Chalon-sur-Saône, France

2015     A brief history of the futur, Louvre museum, Paris.

            "I love panoramas." Appropriating the world, RATH museum, Geneva, Switzerland /

             MUCEM, Marseille, France

             In all Directions, Nicéphore Niépce museum, Chalon-sur-Saône, France

2014     In the decay of the world, the grateful photography, H2M, espace d’art contemporain,
             Bourg-en-Bresse, France

2013     20e Rencontres photographiques, Lorient, France

             Jerusalem, Izmir, Alger, Les Douches Gallery, Paris, France

             Urbi & Orbi, Sedan Photo Biennale, France, 2013.

2010     Clichy sans clichés, French Institut, Berlin, Germany.

2006     Clichy sans clichés, Espace 93, Clichy-sous-Bois /  Paris Town Hall.

2005     Prisonniers de l’image, Centre d’histoire de la résistance et de la déportation, Lyon.

2004     2/15 – The day the world say no to the war, Paul Smith, New York, USA.

             Europa the soul of the cities , Septembre de la Photographie, Lyon, France.

2003     Strangers, Triennial of Photography and Video, ICP, New York, USA, avec Eyal Sivan.

2002     Dokumenta 11, Kassel, Allemagne, with Eyal Sivan.



2011     Border Lines, limited edition portfolio - Nicéphore Niépce Museum & Artothèque de Caen

2010     Lucien & Rodolf Hervé Prize, catalog, Vimagie, France.

2006     Clichy sans clichés, Editions Robert Delpire / Acte Sud.

2005     Du Beau Travail!, with Zoé Varier, Editions Trans Photographic Press.

2004     Europa, l’esprit des villes, catalog festival September of Photography, Editions Lieux dits, France.

             Generation X, World Press Photo Masterclass – First Decade, Gijs Stork Publisher, Neetherlands.

2003     2/15 – The day the world say no to the war, Editions Hello, New York, USA.

             Strangers : The first ICP Triennial of Photography and Video, Editions Steidl, Germany.



2016     Grant National Fondation for Graphics and Plastics Arts (FNAGP),  Fr.

2014     Shortlisted Niepce Prize, Fr.

2011     Arcimboldo Prize,  Fr.

2010     Lucien & Rodoph Hervé Prize, Fr.

2010     Grant of research, National Center for Visual Arts (CNAP),  Fr.

2010     Shortlisted for the Academy of France in Rome.

2010     Shortlisted Neuflize-Vie Foundation Award.

1997     Merit Award, San Fransisco International Film Festival, USA

1997     Mention special, Bilbao international short-film festival, Spain

1995     3rd prize Observer Hodge Award, UK.

1993     World Press Photo Masterclass, NL

1992     Agena Prize, Fr.




French National Library, French National Art Collection of Contemporary Art, Nicéphore Niépce Museum, Neuflize Vie collection, Swiss Life Foundation, artothèque d'Annecy & private collections.




1997     Foca, Absolut Serbia, with Eyal Sivan, docu - 13' – Momento! & Etat d'urgence production

1997     Kaboul, de guerre lasse, with Eyal Sivan, docu - 13'  – Momento! & Etat d'urgence production

1996     Itsembatsemba, Rwanda one genocide later, with Eyal Sivan, docu - 13' Momento! & Etat d'urgence

             •  International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 1996

             •  Festival Cinéma du Réel, Paris, 1997

             •  Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, 1997

             •  Amnesty International Film Festival, Amsterdam, 1998

             •  International Human Rights Film Festival, Ramallah-Tel-Aviv, 2000

             •  Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, 2003

1996     Burundi under terror, with Eyal Sivan, docu - 13' – Momento! & Etat d'urgence production

             •  International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 1996

             •  Rencontres Cinématographiques de Seine St Denis, Résistance, 1998



2016    Workshop, Ciné Fabrique, National school of cinema & multimedias, Lyon, France

2015    Workshop, Ciné Fabrique, National school of cinema & multimedias, Lyon, France

2014     Lecture, Albert Khan Museum, Boulogne-Billancourt, France

2013     Lecture, Imperial War Museum, London, UK

2012     Workshop, National School of Fine Arts, Châlon s/s Saône, France

2012     Workshop, Academy of Art, Ramallah, Palestine

             Lecture, Nicéphore Niépce Museum, Châlon s/s Saône, France

2011     Jury member & lecture, Louis Lumière National High School, Paris, France

             Lecture during seminar of Michel Poivert, INHA, Paris, France

2011     Workshop, National School of Fine Arts, Châlon s/s Saône, France